benefits of sustainable farming

Benefits of Sustainable Farming Practices – Report Reveals

New Wrangler® Report Reveals Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Farming Practices

Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming will take decades to completely gain acceptance. One major step will be when major corporations start to put their money where there mouth is. In other words, its important that corporations become responsible partners in environmental issues.

Benefits of Sustainable Farming

Lets look at this report from Wrangler for a moment.

As a leading manufacturer of the world’s denim, and in the spirit of Earth Day, Wrangler® jeans published a report today highlighting significant environmental impacts of sustainable cotton farming techniques. Wrangler evaluated 45 scientific reports to conclude the practices of conservation tillage, cover crops and crop rotation result in the removal of three times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere as conventional farming methods.

They looked at a number of reports and concluded that conservation tillage, cover crops, and crop rotation resulted in the removal of three times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions than conventional farming methods. While this would seem to be obvious, as I said before its important for the big business players to get on board with the sustainability issue.

Remember that not only are cover crops important to reduce greenhouse emissions, there is evidence that the use of cover crops, and no till farming helps the soil biology, beneficial microbes.

Farming Cotton Using sustainable Methods

In the U.S., cotton is grown on approximately 12.5 million acres stretching from the Southeast to the Southwest. Cotton cultivation practices can disturb and degrade the soil with tillage, bare soil surfaces, chemical inputs, and continuous monoculture crop production. However, this emerging set of farming practices, used in combination, builds the soil’s capacity to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals and humans.

How important is it that Wrangler jeans gets on board with sustainable farming. From the article, cotton farming in the US is 12.5 million acres.

The entire report is called Seeding Soils Potential here the link to the report.

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