costa rica rainy season

Costa Rica’s Rainy Season: June to November

Costa Rica’s Rainy Season

Many people choose to visit Costa Rica during
the dry season – they believe it is the best time to vacation in the country.
However, the rainy season offers brilliant colors of green. You will see the
postcard pictures of a tropical country – except you will be upclose and
personal. The people living in Costa Rica call this the “la epoca
verde” also known as the green season.
To make your vacation even more memorable you might want to visit the Costa
Rica Beach Hotel. This will be a wonderful starting point to venture out to
enjoy the tasty fruit on the trees. The fruit then brings about something the
country is famous for – the animals. They are much more active and abundant
during this time of the year. Chances are you will have a moment or two you
will never forget with a monkey, sloth, macaw, toucan, or a variety of other
creatures in the area. However, they are much more plentiful during the rainy
season and even more so in the beautiful, breathtaking rainforests.
Visitors are amazed with the rain that can be experienced during this time of
year. Unlike other countries when rain usually means cold weather the opposite
is quite true in Costa Rica. You will actually find the rain to be very
predictable. If you wake up in the morning to a hot, bright sunny day you will
most likely be greeted with rain in the mid to late afternoon. Although some of
the Costa Ricans consider these daily rains more of a shower they will
sometimes dump buckets of rain for fifteen minutes or so – and, as quickly as
they started they will end. On other days the rain may last for a couple of
hours. However, it is a magnificent experience – unlike rain you experience in
most any other part of the world. You will be happy and greet the rain as it
not only cools everything it will also re-energize your day.
During the rainy season it is time to journey out into the rainforests – and it
is nothing less than spectacular. This small country has more than 10,000
species of plants and trees that come to life during this time of year. You
will discover some of the most exotic and colorful flora and fauna in the
world. This is a country with one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world.
This will truly be a vacation you will never forget.

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