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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Soil Biodiversity in Africa

Soil Biodiversity

Soil Biodiversity in Africa   Soil biodiversity in Africa is gaining some needed attention. Just like everywhere, the living soil is incredibly biodiverse. There is no doubt that new, previously undiscovered, microorganisms will be found in African soils. The article goes on to talk about the growing, biofertilizer market in the developed world. Its only […]

Biological Diversity for Healthy Soils

Biological diversity

Biological Diversity for Healthy Soils Biological diversity is a key for healthy soils. To many times, growers think that healthy soils are only Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus (N,P,K). When in fact, the beneficial microorganisms in the soil are really the key factor. Needed in a healthy, living, soil are several elements of the soil food web; […]

Microorganisms and Carbon Cycles

carbon cycles

  Microorganisms and Carbon Cycles As with all of the nutrient cycles, microorganisms play a key role in carbon cycles. In fact, “We’ve illustrated that as microorganisms alter their environment, their environment then affects the type of microorganisms that are there and their activity.” This is a quote from the below article. This article talks about […]

Composting for Better Soils

Composting for better soils

Composting for Better Soils Its well known that composting will build better soils. However, many people don’t link composting with sustainability. Composting for better soils is a sustainable farming technique that has been around for hundreds of years. The soil get several important benefits; including increased carbon content, increased water holding capacity, and in general […]

Organic Food Waste to Liquid Fertilizer

organic food waste

Organic Food Waste to Liquid Fertilizer Food waste from supermarkets generally ends up in a landfill, helping no one. Here’s an innovative way to turn this organic food waste into liquid fertilizer. This process takes a waste product and turns it into a useful product, liquid fertilizer. The full article talking about this sustainable process […]

Sustainable Sea Cucumber

Sustainable Sea Cucumber Here’s an article you won’t see every day about sustainable sea cucumbers. Although, I’ve never seen sea cucumber on the menu in the United States, it is quite the delicacy in certain parts of the word. In fact, the sea cucumbers off the coast of Madagascar have been overfished and are on […]

US Agricultural Sustainability Grows but Slows

Us Agriculture sustainability

US Agricultural Sustainability Grows but Slows   Here’s a report about US Agricultural sustainability. The original title “US agricultural sustainability grows” is a bit misleading. When you actually read the report it clearly states that sustainability is growing, but the rate is slowing. The report followed a number of US crops and concluded that peanuts […]

Sustainable Fishing Issues

sustainable fishing

Sustainable Fishing Issues While sustainable agriculture and sustainable living seem to get all of the press another issue, sustainable fishing is just as important and maybe more so. Aquaculture, or raising fish or shrimp in small farmed areas, is a giant worldwide business. Unfortunately, many aquaculture companies have little or no concern for environmental issues […]