About this Site

About this Site


Biofertilizer.info is designed to promote discussion, answer questions, and provide a forum for sustainable farming and sustainable gardening. We’ll post original articles, thought provoking articles from other websites, and allow Guest Posting.

Guest Posting

Are you an author that  enjoys writing about environmental or sustainability issues. How about writing about gardening, farming, or interesting green products? if any of these topics interest you, please feel free to submit your UNIQUE article to me at Bill@CustomBio.biz.

I’ll allow an “about the author” section, with photo, as well as one link back to your home page. Please be aware that articles may be modified, edited, or changed prior to publication.

Custom Biologicals

This site is owned and operated by Custom Biologicals, Inc™. CustomBio manufactures and distributes biological products for use in a number of industries including agriculture.

For the agriculture industry, we manufacture biofertilizers, sometimes called soil amendments of probiotics. Should you have any questions about the biofertilizers mentioned on this site, please feel free to contact me at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.


Biofertilizers are sometimes called by a number of names including; soil amendments, soil probiotics, bio soil, bio-fertilizers, PGPR, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria. In general biofertilizers improve soil conditions by helping plants utilize nutrients more efficiently.